Nanobeam 2002


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The formal proceedings will be published as a CERN Yellow Report and will only include written contributions. The contributions should be submitted to by 31 October 2002 and should be formatted with a recent official template from EPAC/PAC/APAC. There is no page limit. The web proceedings provide electronic access to most presentations at the workshop.

Session 1 Motivation & Overview
L. Maiani Opening address
J. Ellis Particle physics at future colliders (PAPER)
F. Raffaele The Gravitational Wave Detector VIRGO (PAPER)
S. Chattopadyay Challenges for future linear colliders (PAPER)
K.J. Kim Challenges for future light sources and X-ray FELs 
A. Seryi Stability and ground motion (PDF) (PAPER)
    Animations (HTML) of beam stability simulations
J. Frisch Innovative Technological Solutions for Future Accelerators
Session 2 Beam Delivery, Final Focus & Collimation
N. Walker Beam Delivery System for Pedestrians (PAPER)
J. Payet New TESLA Final-Focus System (PAPER)
F. Zimmermann CLIC Beam Delivery System (PAPER)
P. Tenenbaum Overview of post-linac collimation in Linear Colliders
S. Redaelli Simulation tools for luminosity performance (PAPER)
G. Blair Simulation tools for machine backgrounds
H. Burkhardt Muon background simulations and GEANT4 (PAPER)
D. Schulte Update on banana simulations (PAPER)
F. Zimmermann QM limits on beam demagnification and luminosity (PAPER)
A. Seryi  Discussion on Design Recipe for a Compact Final Focus (PAPER)
Session 3 Stabilization
T. Mattison Vibration control feedback R&D at University of British Columbia (PAPER)
R. Assmann Results of the CLIC stability study (PAPER)
C. Montag Mechanical triplet vibrations at RHIC (PAPER)
V. Shiltsev Tevatron magnet vibrations and orbit motion (PAPER)
S. Henein Flexible bearings for high precision positioning and stabilization (PAPER)
F. Le Pimpec Vibrational stability of NLC linac and Final Focus components (PAPER)
S. Redaelli Magnet vibrations from cooling water (PAPER)
L. Zhang Electron beam stabilization experiences at the ESRF (PAPER)
T. Schilcher Orbit control of the SLS ring (PAPER)
C. Montag Ground motion activities at DESY - An overview (PAPER)
F. Asiri Ground motion characterization program at SLAC  
V. Shiltsev 2002 results from FNAL MI-8 and Aurora mine ground motion experiments
G. Grzelak Linear collider alignment and survey activities at Oxford University (PAPER)
Session 4 Interaction Region
R. Settles Interaction region (IR) issues and baseline design (PAPER)
R. Settles/T. Markiewicz Interaction region (IR) issues and baseline design
P. Tenenbaum Crossing angle and solenoid issues
J. Frisch Crab cavity requirements
M. Kumada Permanent magnet (PM) issues (PAPER)
I. Iwashita PM quadrupole lens with variable strength (PAPER)
E. Antokhin The method of temperature compensation for permanent magnet final focus quadrupole (PAPER)
B. Parker Super-conducting magnet issues (improved slides)
M. Velasco Gamma-gamma IR issues
D. Schulte Background issues related to Nanobeams
T. Raubenheimer Common discussion sessions 3&4: Required R&D and plans
Session 5 Mini-Workshop on Energy Measurement in Future LC's
M. Hildreth Overview on energy calibration for LC's
M. Hildreth Summary of SLAC energy calibration workshop
G. Wilkinson LEP energy calibration and what we learn for LC's (with subtext of making it relevant for NLC)
A. Ljapine TESLA R&D
V. Telnov Measurement of the absolute energy at Linear Colliders using spin precession (PAPER)
Session 6 Mini-Workshop on Laser Wire
G. Blair Introduction/aims of mini-workshop
Y. Honda Recent status of laserwire monitor development at KEK-ATF (PAPER)
T. Lefevre CTF2 Laserwire status
T. Kamps PETRA laserwire status
G. Blair Simulation of laserwire in BDS (PAPER)
G. Penn  Simulation of laserwire in BDS (PAPER)
P. Tenenbaum Laserwire Measurement of Emittance
J. Frisch Technical Challenges outstanding
V. Telnov Is the Laser Wire an Invasive Method? (PAPER)
Session 7 Tuning, Feedback & Diagnostics
Su. Smith Tuning and feedback at light sources
H. Owen Diagnostics at light sources
N. Phinney Feedback experience in the SLC and PEP2
L. Hendrickson Algorithms and simulation results for NLC IP and linac feedback systems
G. White Beam dynamics simulations, banana bunches, and IP feedback systems (PAPER)
St. Smith Linearizing the intra-train beam-beam deflection feedback (PAPER)
St. Smith Beam-beam scans within a Bunch-train crossing at a Linear Collider (PAPER)
W. Wittmer Method of correcting the LHC beta* at collision (PAPER)
M. Ross Instrumentation development - Test facilities and plans
J. Urakawa Report on alignment/tuning/diagnostics at ATF, and plans for JLC (PAPER)
Session 8 Generation of Low Emittance Beams
M. Ross Sources of nanobeams: a comparison between the ATF and the NLC and TESLA designs
M. Korostelev CLIC damping ring status report (PAPER)
T. Raubenheimer Coherent synchrotron radiation, Fast Beam Ion Instability (PAPER)
J. Urakawa ATF results (PAPER)
V. Telnov Requirements to beam sizes at photon colliders and problems of realization
K.J. Kim Small emittance generation: flat beams
Y. Kamiya Experimental study of Laser-Compton scattering in the non-linear regime (PAPER)
R. Kuroda Development of soft X-ray source using Laser Compton scattering (PAPER)
E. Onillon Circular accelerator low-level Radio Frequency feedback loops (PAPER)
T. Raubenheimer Comparison of Alignment Tolerances in LC Damping Rings with those in Operating Rings (PAPER)
Session 9 Engineering Demonstration and R&D Plans
J. Urakawa A plan of ATF Final Focus Test Beam Line (PAPER)
T. Markiewicz NLC vibration program and LINX
R. Assmann Plans and priorities for the CLIC stability study
M. Velasco A proposal to demonstrate gamma-gamma collisions at the SLC IP
T. Mattison Colliding nanobeams: What do we need to demonstrate?
L. Rivkin Linear colliders and light sources: Issues of common interest
S. Schreiber Parameters and potential 'nanobeam' applications of test-beam facilities
Session 10 Summaries and Discussions
N. Walker, A. Faus-Golfe Summary session 2 (PAPER)
A. Seryi, V. Shiltsev Summary session 3
T. Markiewicz Summary session 4
M. Hildreth, B. Dehning Summary mini workshop energy calibration (PAPER)
G. Blair Summary mini workshop laser wire
P. Burrows, S. Smith Summary session 7 (PAPER)
L. Rivkin, G. Guignard Summary session 8
W. Kozanecki Summary session 9
F. Zimmermann

Beam-Dynamics Studies and Advanced Accelerator Research at CTF-3 (PAPER)

B. Parker Report on Cryogenic Vibration Discussion
T. Raubenheimer Discussion of Nanobeam Summaries and Areas for Future Collaboration
St. Smith Collaborative Discussions - Report from Excursion to Gruyere
  Photographs (B&W for proceedings)
PDF file (67 MB)