Nanobeam workshop. Dates: September 2-6, 2002. Location: Lausanne Campus.

26th Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop 


Nanometre-Size Colliding Beams
(September 2-6, 2002, Lausanne)

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Accelerators have produced high-energy particle beams with sizes as small as 70 nm and with 500 nm beams in stable collision. These "nanobeams" impose stringent tolerances on the magnetic focusing and the stability of the accelerator. Future linear colliders foresee colliding high-energy particle beams with vertical spot sizes down to the 1 nm level. The feasibility and limits of generation, control, and collision of nanometre-size beams is discussed, including the relevant experience in different areas of research. The workshop should inspire a lively exchange of advanced ideas and concepts between the involved scientists and engineers. Details.


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16 Sep 2002 Electronic files of most presentations are online.
06 Sep 2002 End of a productive and exhausting workshop
01 Sep 2002 Start of workshop with about 90 participants.
24 Jul 2002 List of registered participants and latest program is online.
28 Feb 2002 First announcement, practical information posted on web site
7 Dec 2001 The workshop will take place at Lausanne
13 Aug 2001 E-mail account is set-up
06 Aug 2001 Web site is set-up
27 Jul 2001 Workshop is approved by ICFA
June 2001 Workshop is approved by CERN / CLIC




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