26th Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on Nanometre-Size Colliding Beams

(Nanobeam 2002)


Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2-6, 2002

First Announcement  28.2.2002




Contact:             Dr. Aßmann, Dr. Zimmermann, CERN SL/AP


                           E-mail:        icfa.nanobeam@cern.ch

                           WWW:      http://www.cern.ch/nanobeam

                           Fax:            +41 22 78 30552

                           Address:     CH-1211 Geneva 23



Scientific scope and goals of workshop



Accelerators have produced high-energy particle beams with sizes as small as 70 nm and with 500 nm beams in stable collision. These "nanobeams" impose stringent tolerances on the magnetic focusing and the stability of the accelerator. Future linear colliders foresee colliding high-energy particle beams with vertical spot sizes down to the 1 nm level. For the production and control of these beams many new challenges must be met.


The ICFA Workshop on Nanometre-Size Beams will look at:


The workshop is addressed to:


The workshop should inspire a lively exchange of advanced ideas and concepts between the scientists involved in the different areas of research. The following goals should guide the workshop:


Mini-workshop on measurement of beam energy in linear colliders:

A parallel session will be devoted to the precise measurement of the beam energy in linear colliders, based on the experience in existing and past accelerators.


Additional details on the scientific program will be announced on the Nanobeam web site:         




International Advisory Committee


B. Aune                        CEA/Saclay                       S. Myers                      CERN

D. Burke                      SLAC                                A. Skrinsky                  BINP

J.P. Delahaye               CERN                                D. Trines                      DESY

S. Holmes                    FNAL                                A. Wrulich                    PSI

S.I. Kurokawa             KEK                                  ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel


International Program and Organizing Committee


R. Assmann                  CERN                                L. Rivkin                      PSI        

A. Bay                         Lausanne U.                       J. Rogers                      Cornell U.

G. Blair                        Royal Holloway                  S. Russenschuck           CERN

R. Brinkmann               DESY                                A. Seryi                        SLAC

P. Burrows                   Oxford U.                          T. Shintake                   KEK/RIKEN

P. Chen                        SLAC                                V. Shiltsev                    FNAL

B. Dehning*                  CERN                                S. Smith                       Daresbury

M. Hildreth*                 Notre Dame U.                  M. Syphers                  FNAL

K.J. Kim                      ANL                                  V. Telnov                     BINP

M. Mayoud                  CERN                                N. Toge                      KEK

T. Nakazato                 SPring-8                             N. Walker                    DESY

O. Napoly                    CEA/Saclay                       K. Yokoya                   KEK

F. Pilat                         BNL                                  L. Zhang                       ESRF

T. Raubenheimer          SLAC                                F. Zimmermann           CERN


*Contacts for the Mini-workshop on measurement of beam energy in linear colliders.


Local Organizing Committee


R. Assmann, F. Zimmermann                                  (Chairmen)

E. Luthi, J. Thomashausen                                       (Secretariat)


A. Bay                         Lausanne U.                                                          

T. d'Amico                   CERN

S. Redaelli                    CERN, Lausanne U.


Practical information (preliminary)

Up to date version under this link


The workshop will take place on the campus of the University of  Lausanne (UNIL) and the Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). Lausanne is reached by car or train in less than 40 minutes from the international airport in Geneva. The university campus is within easy reach of the city center and is located directly on the beautiful Lake Geneva with a magnificent view on the Swiss Alps. Detailed information is posted here.


A number of hotel rooms in different categories have been reserved. A list is posted on the web site. The workshop participants should contact the hotels on an individual basis. We strongly recommend reserving a hotel room as soon as possible. Lausanne is a busy city and hotels can become fully booked quickly.


Preliminary workshop events:

Registration, Welcome drink                                               16h00-19h00      1 Sep 2002

Start of scientific program                                                   9h00                   2 Sep 2002

Reception                                                                           19h00                 2 Sep 2002

Banquet                                                                              19h00                 4 Sep 2002

Excursion                                                                           Afternoon            5 Sep 2002

End of workshop                                                                12h00                 6 Sep 2002

Visit at CERN, Geneva                                                       Afternoon            6 Sep 2002



A web site for registrations is available. The deadline for registration is 31 July 2002. After this date an additional fee for late registration will apply.

We strongly recommend registering and reserving an accommodation before this deadline, in order to avoid paying exorbitant hotel rates.

At this moment we foresee that the registration fee will include:

The registration fee is not yet finalized but will be around 250 CHF. A bank account is being opened for payment by bank transfer.


Abstract submission:

Abstracts can be submitted via the web. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 August 2002.